Get the backing you deserve

Prospective Fund Managers:

You can apply to the Natural Selection Fund by completing the simple online application.

Should your fund be approved for investment, the process is relatively simple:

An amount of between R5 million and R20 million may be allocated, at gearing levels appropriate to the fund and the risk appetite of the investor.

A mandate would then be signed between yourself and Natural Selection, which is likely to reflect the mandate of existing funds run by you (with adjustments to reflect the risk appetite of the Natural Selection Fund).

The contract would run for 6 months and be renewable at the Investor's discretion, with an intra-period stop-loss.

While Natural Selection reserves the right to withdraw investments at its discretion, our intention is to choose wisely and make informed medium to long-term investment decisions, rather than respond to short-term fluctuations.

Natural Selection also provides an efficient means for you to invest on a geared basis in your own fund.

All prime broking, compliance and administrative issues are provided by various arms of the Peregrine Group.

The Group is also able to arrange Capital Introductions, where you introduce yourself and your fund to prospective new investors.

When you fit the mould of Natural Selection, it's a win-win situation.